The Goal Of Teams

Teams allow our members to handle small amounts of content at a time. Our admins will distribute pages to the teams by adding them to the team's category. Teams are not meant to keep you from editing other pages but allow us to maintain as much quality throughout our wiki. By divvying out our pages throughout teams new users won't become overwhelmed by our content and allows them to get a foot hold in our wiki.

Join A Team

Our wiki only functions with teamwork. Our wiki features six teams that you can Join Today! Teams are a great way for us to create a little FRIENDLY competition that aims to increase the quality of our community and wiki. You can choose between joining one of the folowing six teams... 

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Purple

How To Join

In order to join a team you must click one of the links below that coresponds with the team you would like to join. Once you have chosen a team you would like to join it's as simple as editing the page. Once you have joine the team and begin to edit pages owned by your team, you can gain badges and points to earn bragging rights for yourself and your team.

Don't Feel Tied Down

Joining a team doesn't mean you can't help out with other pages owned by other teams. If you notice something off about a page or it doesn't quite follow our Guidelines and or Rules we expect you to fix as many mistakes/errors/inaccuracies as possible. If you are not able to fix these you can direct a community member or an admin or any other leader amongst the wiki. We highly recommend that teams look at eachother's work in order to let other teams see what works on pages and what doesn't. Crossing over also allows content quality to be evenly spread.