Ore Bank Block
Infiniminer Block OreBank
Ore Bank Block


Spawned By Engineer Class






Placed By Engineer Class


Pickaxes, TNT


50 Ore


The Ore Bank Block allows a Player to deposit or withdrawal 50 Ore from his or her Ore collection. The Ore placed deposited can not be taken by the opposite Team. The Ore Bank Block is a safe way for a Player to keep their Ore safe incase they die or they leave the game which allows the Team to have access to the Player's Ore even while they are offline.


The Ore Bank Block can only be placed by the Engineer Class and is the color of the Player's Team color. The Ore Bank Block is a safe (and the only) way for a Team to transfer Ore between each other. The Ore Bank Block allows a team to designate players to mine for Ore exclusively while other members of the Team can Build and Defend against the opposing Team.


The operation of the Ore Bank Block is simple and fast. To deposit Ore the number one (1) key is used. To withdrawal from the Ore Bank Block from the Team's Ore Bank Block the number two (2) key is used.

Additional InformationEdit

Though the Ore Bank Block withdrawals and deposits in increments of 50 a player can still deposit their Ore if it is not a multiple of 50. For Example: If a Player were to have 80 Ore, they could still deposit and withdrawal all 80 of their Ore without losing any. The Ore Bank Block would take 50 the first time and the remainder the next time. When withdrawaling the 80 Ore, 50 Ore will be added to the Player's Ore count the first time followed by the remaining 30 Ore on the second withdrawal.