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"Infiniminer is a first-person competitive mining game that takes place in a procedurally generated block world allowing players to mine, build, and explore. Sound familiar? That’s because Infiniminer is the game that started the “block genre” that everyone knows and loves! It’s also quite buggy and old, and is listed here purely for historical reasons." - Zachtronics Industries,

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Dangerous Adventures

Fortify and defend against your foes!

Mysteries O' Plenty

Watch your back and hide every step.

Treasures Within...

Unending rewards and treasures ready for plundering.

Monumental Challenges

Are you ready to command this land?

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Gameplay Footage


Infiniminer PvP [Video file]. (2021, January 10). Retrieved May 03, 2021, from YouTube Channel: Birb [1]

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