Clouds...Big fluffy white balls of fluff! well more of water in a gaseos state sort of, that's in Real Life though, you are here for the In-Game clouds! So the page shall continue.

What they areEdit

Clouds in this game are 2-D flat retanguar sheets of white, they are sheets colored white for the most part but some are differant shades of grey depending on the height they are at, they also glow, a brightish white glow, much like the lava and the shock block.

What they doEdit

Nothing, really, they just float across the sky harmlessly before reaching the end of the world in the distance where they disapear out of sight, they are quite fast actualy.


Unknown, it is presumed that they must be non-solid because they are clouds but not even a jump boost at the maximum height can you reach even the lowest cloud, they are pretty much decrotive in every way, they are quite pretty given their pointlessness.